"We are extremely happy with our daughter's progress as a result of her time at WPOT.  Her connections with her therapists combined with the skill knowledge they bring to each session has allowed her to grow in previously unimaginable ways.  We highly recommend Wellesley Pediatric Occupational Therapy!"


“My son has made remarkable progress.”

"WPOT has THE BEST pediatric occupational therapists. My son has a global developmental delay. His fine and gross motor skills are severely impaired. We have been working with the therapists at WPOT since July 2013. The therapists are incredibly creative, and always come up with some very creative activities to work with my son and motivate him to work on improving his motor skills. The therapists are also very kind and patient.  My son loves working with them. At the end of each session, they take the time to demonstrate my son's work and they explain how and why to me. Since then, my son has made remarkable progress. We truly enjoy the therapists at WPOT.  We are very lucky to have them help our son."


"Therapists are all patient and caring. My son often comments that he wishes he could live at the clinic so he would never have to leave."


“The therapists make each session fun."

"Both my daughters have been doing OT through Wellesley Pediatric Occupational Therapy for the last 2 years and both have made wonderful progress! My girls have gotten to know almost all the therapists and enjoy working with them. The therapists make each session fun, kids are learning strategies, strengthening muscles and motor planning. They take the time after to go over what happened in the session and how to build on it."


"My son looks forward to every session and beams with pride after completing a newly learned skill."


It is a happy talent to know how to play"   -Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is a happy talent to know how to play" 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson